Datuk Seri Utama Ir. Haji Idris bin Haron

Chief Minister of Melaka,Malaysia

The Urban Environmental Accord (UEA) is an international collaborative organization, working to develop the Urban Environmental Evaluation Index together with UNEP and apply it to cities worldwide.

The Melaka State Government of Malaysia will be hosting the UEA Summit in September 2017 as it was appointed as the new Executive Committee Member during the 3rd Summit in Iloilo , Philippines in 2015.

Today, Melaka is actively involved with the “Green City Action Plan” (GCAP) project to reduce carbon emission intensity per GDP up to 40% by 2020. UEA and Melaka will showcase the interim outcomes of GCAP and share the mutual efforts during the 2017 summit to realize the Sustainable Green City 2020 by the international collaboration.

Jang Hyun Yoon

Co-President of the Urban Environmental Accords,
Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, the Republic of Korea

I would like to express my sincere respect to the leadership of Honorable Datuk Seri Idris Bin Haron, Chief Minister of Melaka. I also appreciate all fellow colleagues in Melaka who are preparing for 2017 UEA Melaka Summit.

The UEA has been building and expanding the global network of 159 UEA member cities from 53 countries and various international agencies. We are collaborating together to actively response against climate change and further realize sustainable green earth.

I wish the success of the 2017 UEA Melaka Summit. This event will be an opportunity where cities, international agencies, and NGOs around the world are gathering to witness the efforts of the UEA to realize the green city.

Let's go together toward the sustainable future. Thank you.


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Urban Environmental Accords

is an international collaborative organization working to develop the Urban Environmental Evaluation Index together with UNEP, and apply it to cities worldwide.

The UEA was established on June 5, 2005 in the City and County of San Francisco on the occasion of World Environment Day, at a gathering of representatives from 53 cities under the agreement that each city would autonomously implement the accords, comprising 21 actions across seven key areas, and evaluate the outcomes.


June 05, 2005 Inaugural meeting in San Francisco
October 11, 2011 2011 UEA Gwangju Summit
January 28, 2012 5th Global Environmental Outlook (GEO-5)
May 3, 2012 Opening of UEA Secretariat in Gwangju, Korea
July 12, 2013 2013 UEA San Antonio Summit
September 15, 2015 2015 UEA Iloilo Summit
September 7-9, 2017 2017 UEA Melaka Summit